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Coach Spark V. Ogheneovie Ovadje - Award Winning Real Estate Coach

Spark Ovadje, a graduate of Computer Sciene and Engineering is a System Analyst, Business Analyst, System Engineer, I.T trainer, Real Estate Consultant / Real Estate Coach & a young Lekki Lagos based I.T Professional who believes in Self Integrity and Self Discipline.
He is humble and a God-Fearing Person.
His full names are Spark Victory Ogheneovie Ovadje.
He is popularly known as Coach Spark Ovadje a.k.a National Real Estate Coach, Nigeria because of his workshops in various states in Nigeria.
He was rated top best real estate trainer in Nigeria in 2017 and now rated among top 5 best real estate coach in Africa.
He was also involved in some extra curriculum training's and workshops of teachers in Lagos State in some public schools in Lagos State, Nigeria and has done several community development programmes for youths, market women and business men in Mosques & Churches.
He's trained over 7,000 youths for free on skill acquisitions like ICT, Secretarial Computing, Desktop Publishing, Information Technology, AutoCAD for young architects, Computer Graphics, Computer Engineering, Blogging, Vlogging and Video Marketing, Digital Marketing, Computer Networking, Business Management, Be Your Own Boss entrepreneurial workshop, How to make detergents & soaps and other vocational trainings he organized to build lives and has a network of over 17,000 real estate consultants being he organizes workshops for Real Estate Consultants in so many states in Nigeria especially Lagos State, a realtor he is but more a trainer and most times loves to be called a Teacher or a Coach. He doesn't discriminate.

Coach Spark Ovadje is among the Top most popular I.T professionals and Real Estate Coach in Nigeria, He has a network of real estate consultants in Lagos, Portharcourt, Ogun State, Akwa Ibom, Calabar, Abuja, Nassarawa Lafia, Ebonyi State, Delta State, Ekiti, Kebbi. Jos etc.
Coach Spark Ovadje works and workshops has really contributed positively to the real estate industry in Nigeria and some part of Africa. He delivers results.

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He has been positioned to Train the Trainers, a well positioned Leader.

He was the Brand Ambassador for BIONET HOMES, 2017 a fast rising real estate outfit in Nigeria with Clients in various parts of the world mostly Africa.

He believes in service to humanity.

He believes in sincerity and hate lies, he is a peace maker.

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Delta State and a native of Evwreni, Ughelli North
Hobbies: Singing, Cooking, Playing Musical instruments & reading

He is an associate member of different professional bodies in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

His mobile contact: 
+2347060834856, +2348185094373
Eye Color: Black
Dress style: Simple & Responsible

Coach Spark Ovadje Quotes:
1. Humility is the pathway to success.
2. If you are too big to serve, you are too small to lead.
3. Champions are born out of hard training.
4. Learning never ends, the day you stop learning, you start dying.
5. Stop Learning, Stop Earning.
6. The language of business is money.
7. If you are not humble, you will stumble.
8. If you can’t keep those who keep you in business, you have no business doing business.
9. They laugh at me because I’m different but I laugh at them because they are the same.
10. My mouth worth is my network and my network is my net worth.
11. Always plan using worst case scenarios .
12. People pay you for how much/well you've contributed to the system not how long you've been in the system.
13. It's not a crime being broke, but staying broke is a crime.
14. Until you go through, you can't breakthrough.
15. Stop feeling pitied, it makes you remain in the pit.
16. People don't buy your realities but buys your perception, You are more powerful that who you are. 
17. It is better to be envied than to be pitied .
18. In the days of love, every soup is good. Clear yourself of offence in every relationship. 
19. The degree of your preparation determines the quality of your result, proper preparation prevents poor performance.
20. Anytime you don't see God moving in a family, it means there's no one in that family that is moving God.
21. Every successful person has an alter backing him or her, alters are used to conquer .

Social advice: Keep doing good and smile always. 


Some of Spark Ovadje's old pictures:-

Years back as Rector of Lekki Computer Institute.

                                       His Parents